Florida Regional Center Adds Four EB-5 Visas to Harbourside Place Development

Florida Regional Center Adds Four EB-5 Visas to Harbourside Place Development

May 30, 2012


Florida Regional Center today announced it recently acquired EB-5 Visas for four investors of its Jupiter, Florida project, Harbourside Place. The firm, a top EB-5 Regional Center in South Florida, worked with each investor to acquire all information necessary to obtain these Visas for the investors and their families. The addition of four new investors will ensure the community development project Harbourside Place is completed on time and to specifications.


Florida Regional Center has been working closely with investors, contractors and the Town of Jupiter to create the Intracoastal community development project Harbourside Place. The mixed-use development will include restaurant and eatery space, office suites, hotel accommodations, marina slips, retail areas and an entertainment plaza with an outdoor theater. The project is expected to create a substantial economic stimulus for the area and create over 2,400 jobs through the next three years. Strong supporters of the development include the Town of Jupiter, the state CFO Alex Sink, local Congressional Representatives, the Town Council and Palm Beach County. Needless to say, the project will be beneficial to the community, surrounding areas in South Florida and the EB-5 investors.


Florida Regional Center worked with investors, planners and government regulators to obtain the funding, contractors and approvals necessary to complete this project. The EB-5 contribution to the project includes $80 Million from 160 investors, $1.685M from the State Agency Florida Inland Navigation District (FIND) and $5.25M in Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) from the Jupiter Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA). The funds from the CRA are groundbreaking, as they are the first instance of Jupiter funding a private development project.


The positive predictions and community support of Harbourside Place are some of the merits that led to the successful obtainment of EB-5 Visas for four investors. As Visa approval has slowed recently, due to the influx of EB-5 firms and EB-5 project submissions, Florida Regional Center has consistently displayed success in reaching EB-5 approval for its investors. Florid Regional Center explains that EB-5 Visa approval depends upon the following factors: Creating a secure and realistic business plan; showing proof of financial stability; presenting a conservative job creation analysis; demonstrating on-time construction and enlisting the services of knowledgeable and experienced immigration attorneys.


Florida Regional Center was established as an agent of the 1990 Congress-approved  EB-5 Regional Center Program. Based in Palm Beach Gardens and representing projects in the greater South Florida area, Florida Regional Center works with foreign investors and their families to obtain EB-5 Visas and permanent residency in exchange for investments in community development and economy boosting campaigns. Aside from the Harbourside Place project, Florida Regional Center is involved, or in the process of creating, in the Water Pointe Project, ESI Jupiter Technology Park Project and the Tequesta Village Center project – all of which will include EB-5 investors and community redevelopment programs.


For more information on EB-5 Visas and the EB-5 Visa Program, to learn about Florida Regional Center or to speak with a representative from Florida Regional Center, visit www.visaeb-5.com.