Florida Regional Center Announces Latest EB-5 Project

Florida Regional Center Announces Latest EB-5 Project

August 10, 2011


Jupiter, Palm Beach County, Florida USA and Wellington, NZ


$60 million dollar project signed between the Florida Regional Center, and Endeavour Capital Ltd, a New Zealand company.


The Florida Regional Center LLC has signed a $25 million investment partnership with Endeavour Capital Ltd, one of New Zealand’s leading private investment companies, to develop the next EB-5 Investment Visa project in the Florida Regional Center.  This latest project is expected to create more than 600, full time, high-level, permanent research and technology jobs and hundreds more indirect and induced jobs in the Town of Jupiter and Palm Beach County.


“This is a significant and exciting venture for both companies,” stated Florida Regional Center Manager, Nicholas A. Mastroianni II.  He continued to state, “It is a strategic partnering with our USCIS approved regional center program designed to accelerate job creation and economic growth in the United States. The program serves to benefit all parties concerned, with the creation of US jobs through foreign investment. With this particular project, Endeavor is bringing $35M USD to the project and the Florida Regional Center is obtaining financing through foreign investment in the amount of $25M USD using the EB-5 pilot program.”


The Executive Chair of Endeavour, Neville Jordan, says “The notion that excellent ideas and companies can best be taken to the world market by pushing them out from their host country is always going to represent a substantial struggle.”  Mr. Jordan continued to say, “The best way to generate profitable growth is to be partnered and embedded in offshore target markets.”


Endeavour looks to embed themselves in the United States markets with the establishment of their North American headquarters in Jupiter, Florida and the development of a state of the art facility, designed to hold research and bio-technology companies, serving as a hub of creation in South Florida.  The office building will have a superb setting along the Riverwalk walkway that leads to downtown Jupiter, as well as, the Harbourside Place project, located just one mile to the north. Endeavour Capital Ltd is investing $35M USD in the development, while Florida Regional Center will raise the remaining $25M USD necessary to fund the project, using the EB-5 pilot program to secure foreign investment.


“We have positioned our new entity; Endeavour Sustainable Investment, a Deutsche Bourse listed company, to invest in a wholly owned subsidiary in Florida, USA, as well as, having investment in companies throughout the world, including China. This gives our partnership a well-funded staging post literally in the backyard of the fastest growing state, in the world’s most sophisticated market” stated Mr. Neville Jordan.


Once construction is complete, the new building will house at least 8 companies from around the world. These companies are part of the investment portfolio of Endeavor, and will be tenants here in the new research building once constructed. This is an exciting pre-leased project that guarantees that new jobs will be created from construction activities, office related activities, and the small restaurant/retail component that will be located at the project site. Ultimately, this undertaking will allow collaboration and fostering of new and interesting intellectual property from the USA and other countries.


Companies in Endeavour’s New Zealand investment portfolio, include those which work in non-invasive diabetes detection, clinical diagnostic technology, water efficiency systems, anti-cancer compounds and advanced manufacturing and ICT systems. According to Mr. Neville Jordan, “the ability to engage with such world-leading research and development teams will be invaluable.”


Jupiter, Florida has already attracted a number of highly prestigious institutions to set up in the state, all of which are based near Endeavour’s upcoming office. The Scripps Institute Bio Tech Research Facility and Germany’s Max Planck Institute are located in a research park that is located on the North campus of Florida Atlantic University Jupiter, FL, just five miles from the Endeavour project.   “The companies that will find their new home at the Endeavour project will seamlessly fit with the existing companies of the Jupiter area” stated Nicholas Mastroianni II.


“While we proudly remain a New Zealand company, we give ourselves and our portfolio companies the best chance of gaining critical mass and market penetration by also being in the USA,” stated Neville Jordan.   Dr. George Steinfels will manage the new North American office of Endeavour.


Jordan also says the partnership deal continues the coherent strategy embarked upon some two years ago, to position on the international stage, as a New Zealand company specializing in sustainable investment.


Look for construction to begin on the site May 2012 and final completion of the project scheduled for January 2013.



The Florida Regional Center provides worthwhile opportunities for foreign investors and their families to obtain permanent U.S. residency through the EB-5 Visa Program. Just as Florida offers the ideal climate for business and pleasure, the Florida Regional Center provides the perfect opportunity for international investors and their families to obtain green cards by investing in exciting Florida Regional Center projects. For more information on the Florida Regional Center, please visit our website at www.visaeb-5.com.



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