Use the EB-5 Program to Give Your Children an Opportunity to Attend a Prestigious University

Use the EB-5 Program to Give Your Children an Opportunity to Attend a Prestigious University

September 12, 2011


With the world market becoming more and more competitive every year, it is essential for individuals to increase their training or education in order to compete for available jobs these days.  Higher education has become the cornerstone of the present day American Society, with the United States being home to 7 of the top 11 ranked universities in the world.


1. Harvard University (USA)

2. University of Cambridge (UK)

3. Yale University (USA)

4. University College London (UK)

5. Princeton University (USA)

6. Imperial College London (UK)

7. University of Oxford (UK)

8. University of Chicago (USA)

9. Massachusetts Institute of Tech (USA)

10. California Institute of Tech (USA)

11. Stanford University (USA)


Foreigners are coming to the United States to attend these prominent universities and because of this, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to obtain U.S. Student Visas.  The EB-5 program presents the perfect opportunity for foreign investors to send their children to prestigious American Universities and not have to worry about obtaining a Student Visa. With an investment in an EB-5 project, families can obtain their U.S. Green Card for their husband or wife and any children under 21 years old.  With this new U.S. citizenship, your children will have access to any of the thousands of American universities spread across the United States.  As an American Citizen, these universities will often be available at lower tuition rates than those available to non-citizens.   Also, as an American Citizen you will also have access to financial aid from both Federal Government backed student loans and grants, as well as private student loans.   As compared to a U.S. Student Visa, the EB-5 Visa will allow you to become a full time citizen and also will give the opportunity to work full or part time while attending a U.S. university.


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